Testimonials 2020

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What our clients have to say about working with The Kirsh Law Firm

I was very impressed with how organized everything was and how fast the settlement took. Top notch service!

Madison Nedd
February 28, 2020

Peter: Excellent work! Let us know if you open a practice in Philadelphia. We would welcome the opportunity of working with you again.

Stuart Rosenberg
February 23, 2020

Kirsh Law Firm helped us so much with our purchase of our new home. It was our first time ever going through this and Sara made it so easy and understanding. She took her time explaining everything, she made sure we understood what was going on. Kirsh Law Firm is very responsive and on top of everything.

Kelly D.
February 19, 2020

Even though I arrived twenty mins late, Peter & assistant were very cordial and the proceedings went along smoothly.

Susan Herrison
February 18, 2020

You all were great! Great, personal, and professional service. You made me very comfortable and I felt very well informed! Thank you for a great experience!

David Allen
January 18, 2020

Transaction went smoothly and quickly. Thank you!

Harry & Kim Thompson
January 9, 2020

Very prompt and courteous service. Thank you!

Meghan Craig
February 27, 2020

We have always been pleased with the service Kirsh provides. Thank you to Melissa in Elkton for your many kindnesses. A very special thank you to Juliana for not giving up the title search.

Nine Bishop
February 22, 2020

I could not have asked for an easier process. Very simple and stress free. Thanks.

Jerry Oaks
February 19, 2020

Kelly & Peter are always great to work with! I look forward to the next deal we work on together.

Mark Rosciolo
February 14, 2020

Great professional services. Very kind and welcoming and informative to the customer/clients. Always hospitable and ready to help with an open but attentive listening heart.

Irene Bosibori Onuonga
January 16, 2020

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